Andrea's Quality Pet Care

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Andrea Markie - Home Visits

I have always had love and compassion for all animals. As a child I had every kind of pet I could talk my dad into getting, including cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, turtles, fish, iguanas, guinea pigs, rabbits, and frogs. I never got tired of taking care of them. That mentality followed me through into adulthood. When I moved into my own place, I made sure it was pet friendly so I could take my pets with me.

When I was 22 I started working for an animal hospital where I ran the front office. I took in as much knowledge of veterinary medicine as I could. I learned how to do a lot of the technician's duties as well, including medicating, restraining, injections, and vaccinations. I also gained a knowledge of the many different dog and cat breeds, spaying and neutering, dental disease, different medications and their uses. 

Along the way I have adopted a few strays, fostered a few, and found some homes for a few as well. I also bottle fed and fostered kittens for Citizens For Scottsdale Strays. Strays and homeless pets seem to always find their way to me and I am happy to help them find loving, forever homes. 

While working at animal hospitals I gained a few long time pet sitting clients and became boarding manager where I decided it was my calling to offer experienced, compassionate, and qualified pet sitting for all animals, including exotics, seniors, and pets with special needs. I know how important your pets are to you. I will strive to keep them as comfortable, loved, and safe as possible while you are away so you can enjoy yourself without worrying.

Jean Orlando - Dog Boarding

Jean is my mother and the best in pet boarding there is.  She loves spoiling the dogs that stay over.  She has lots of experience with all the pets I have had.  She is home all day and loves taking care of them. She has a small dog named Frannie.  Her best friend, Micah, lives with her and welcomes all the pups and helps care for them as well.  If you are in need of dog boarding, she will set up a consultation with you and go over everything your pup needs while you are away. They live in Mesa and have a big safe yard.